Webraska and masternaut launch GPS Navigation and Mobile Resource Management for BlackBerry smartphones
Webraska Navigation Professional Edition adds real-time tracking and status reporting, giving masternaut's customers the capability to locate team members using GPS-enabled BlackBerry smartphones.
Webraska and masternaut have announced the launch of Webraska Navigation Professional Edition. Combining their know-how to offer business users the best of GPS Satellite Navigation and the best of Mobile Resource Management, Webraska Navigation Professional Edition is for the time exclusively available for GPS-enabled BlackBerry smartphones, removing the need to install dedicated in-vehicle hardware equipment to locate mobile resources.

The new solution can immediately increase the productivity of employees who are on-the-go, allowing them to avoid traffic jams, make appointments on time, and send activity reports as soon as they are completed. To preserve the privacy of the user, applications can be configured to send the location of a user through their BlackBerry smartphone to masternaut servers either every 5 minutes or when sending a voluntary activity status message. The location tracker can also be disabled.

Masternaut locates, in real-time, all mobile resources equipped with masternaut’s MCU units and Webraska Navigation Professional Edition via masternaut’s secure web site. Mobile resources can be seen on a map with the history of their location and activities tracked. Managers can immediately exchange messages with either one user or a group of users, receive alerts based on unusual activities, find the closest resources to any address, and receive statistics and reports showing the activities of one or more users over any time-period they wish by either accessing the information from the secure web site or automatically by email.

Webraska guides users to any address, always using the latest cartographic data from partner Navteq thanks to Webraska’s patented off-board IbDN technology. Webraska also generates alerts when approaching speed cameras and automatically updates their location via data from AlerteGPS.

Destinations can be accessed in a variety of ways: entered easily using a form or through a wizard; automatically fetched from contacts synchronized with Microsoft Outlook; from a list of favourite addresses and previous entries; from a rich list of useful points of interests such as hotels, restaurants, parking lots and gas stations. Webraska Navigation can also interpret SMS messages received from a directory assistance call centre, and can be interfaced with company specific address lists. With crystal clear voice instructions and 3D maps providing excellent visibility of the road ahead, Webraska Navigation guides users to their destination safely and without stress. Options include Smart Traffic Update to receive traffic alerts and to automatically compute the fastest routes to avoid traffic jams in real-time with traffic information from partner V-Traffic, and access to maps for the whole of Europe (32 countries) and North America (U.S. and Canada).
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