Andrew Awarded Third Phase Of Strategic International Geolocation Contract
It is a multiyear contract from a Tier 1 operator in the Middle East for a major geolocation system deployment.

The phase three contract award is valued at approximately $9 million, bringing the total contract value to date to more than $30 million. It represents continued expansion of the project in which Andrew is installing its Geometrix uplink time difference of arrival (U-TDOA) system that, when completed, will cover a network of thousands of cell sites. Work on phase three will begin as the second phase nears completion.

“We are pleased to continue our work on this important project, and appreciate the confidence placed in the performance and dependability of our geolocation offerings,” said Terry Garner, group president, Andrew Network Solutions. “Geometrix continues to deliver unrivaled capabilities in supporting the global mobile location requirements of operators anywhere in the world.”

U-TDOA is a network-based means of determining a mobile device’s position by comparing and calculating the difference in time required for its signal to reach different base station transceiver sites. Andrew Geometrix also supports the other handset-based and network-based wireless location methods—assisted global positioning system (AGPS) in both mobile-based and mobile-assisted versions, multiple versions of enhanced cell identity (E-CID), and cell identity (CID)—and includes secure user plane location (SUPL) and control plane location capabilities. In addition to solutions for traditional wireless networks, Andrew also addresses caller location for new technologies such as WiMAX and voice over IP.

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