SIRF and Intel Sign a Collboration Agreement
Jointly Developed Products Aim to Make Location and Wireless Connectivity Mainstream in Mobile Devices.
SiRF announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, SiRF Technology, Inc., has signed a license and joint development agreement with Intel Corporation on certain future product platforms to help location and wireless connectivity become more mainstream in next generation mobile devices. As part of this agreement the two companies have agreed to cooperate in the marketing and selling of these future products to customers developing a wide range of mobile devices worldwide. This agreement supports SiRF's long term strategy for growth and is designed to strengthen its position in mobile devices.

"SiRF has a vision to bring the benefits of location enabled content and applications to the mainstream mobile consumer and enterprise markets," said Kanwar Chadha, founder and vice president of marketing for SiRF. "We look forward to working with Intel to develop innovative new products to realize the promise of location and wireless connectivity in future mobile devices."

As part of this agreement, SiRF has licensed certain technologies to Intel and will help co-develop certain future products that will be available for incorporation into Intel mobile platforms. The companies have agreed to jointly market and sell these products globally for use in a wide range of devices, such as mobile internet devices, mobile phones and handheld consumer devices.

"Synergy between wireless internet connectivity and location based services are integral part of our vision for the future of mobile internet devices and notebooks," said Raviv Melamed, General Manager of the Mobile Wireless Group at Intel. "Our collaboration with SiRF will enable us to bring highly integrated solutions combining industry leading WiMAX/WiFi connectivity and location capability to mobile internet device and notebook customers worldwide."
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