Appello is establishing a partnership with Mappy for online mobile navigation on Java technology
Mappy is a subsidiary of PagesJaunes Group and very successful in the area of LBS services especially in France.
After several launches of mobile navigation services with leading telecom operators, distributors, mobile phone manufacturers and system providers, Appello has now established a partnership with yet another innovative and ambitious company in the mapping and GPS navigation area, Mappy SA – the European leader in geotargeting solutions on the internet and handheld devices through and B2B location based services.

“We are very proud to have established a partnership with Mappy, clearly one of the leading companies in geotargeting information services on the web and B2B location based services”, says Martin Svensson, CEO at Appello. “For Appello this is yet another confirmation that we are on the right track, both in terms of technology and business strategy. This partnership will further reinforce our position as Europe’s leading online navigation provider”.

Online navigation offers combine navigation on mobile phones and web portal connectivity. Utilizing the strength of each of these components, online mobile navigation and a comprehensive mapping web portal, an extremely attractive end-user experience can be offered.
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