Appello provides KPN with online mobile GPS navigation for the Dutch consumer market
A new client for the Swedish online navigation provider.
KPN OpWeg (KPN on the road) gives KPN customers a complete navigation solution on their mobile phones. It is a mobile application that will help you find information needed in both your personal and professional life. Finding people and businesses, getting live traffic information, discovering nearby restaurants and hotels, turn-by-turn navigation with 3D maps and voice instructions are just a few clicks away on your mobile phone. The maps in KPN OpWeg are provided by NAVTEQ. All map information is automatically updated quarterly and users can navigate in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Marco Visser, Mobile Director at KPN: “The mobile phone is increasingly becoming a multipurpose device and today plays a central part in people’s everyday life. After SMS, e-mail and mobile internet we have now made it possible for our customers to use their mobile phones for GPS navigation. In the near future personal navigation will be an important part of the mobile phone. People will use navigation and maps on the mobile phone to get information on where to dine in style, how to find out what’s happening in the city at any given time and how to get there by car, foot or public transportation. After music and camera phones, the market for mobile phone based personal navigation is now growing rapidly. Through our cooperation with Appello we get a successful and committed partner in the navigation industry. They provide a technical solution that meet and exceed our requirements and a platform on which to develop our future navigation and location based services. “

Martin Svensson, CEO of Appello: “With the launch of the consumer version of KPN OpWeg Appello concludes another successful integration into a major mobile operator’s infrastructure. Complete customization and branding of the mobile application and web portal as well as integration into messaging, provisioning and billing systems has become an Appello unique trademark. Our experience and commitment makes it possible for our partners to offer a comprehensive navigation solution to the market in a very short time frame.”

“We now continue and strengthen our relationship that started with KPN OpWeg for BlackBerry.”, says Rasmus Ahlberg, Product Manager at Appello. “It is clear that KPN has a vision and an exciting strategy for GPS navigation and location based services. I am very pleased that Appello and our Wisepilot platform have been selected to deliver that vision. We are growing along with our business and as a healthy company with a large customer base we are in a unique position in this market to deliver the coming generations of connected navigation solutions.”
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