Appello and Telia Denmark launch Telia Navigator
The third operator in the TeliaSonera Group that now launches Telia Navigator powered by Appello.
Telia Navigator is a fully Telia branded navigation solution that provides an all-inclusive navigation experience on a wide range of handsets. Telia customers can take advantage of navigation with voice instructions and 3D maps, unique destination lookup functionality via Danish business and residential listings and Pan-European active safety camera alerts. Telia Navigator also gives customers access to quarterly updated European map information from leading map data provider NAVTEQ.

“Through Appellos unmatched handset support we are able to offer high quality GPS-navigation for all our customers and not only the customers with the latest handsets that offers built-in GPS. I also think that many customers prefers a mobile solution that offers flexibility and simplicity when you can use one device for many functions”, says Jesper Brøckner Director Telia Denmark.

"Telia Denmark is the perfect partner for Appello, a mobile network operator with a strong brand and a well prepared plan for its new navigation services. We are very proud to announce yet another partnership around our navigation services and also the 3rd launch within the TeliaSonera Group, showing the success we have with our other partners within the TeliaSonera Group.", says Martin Svensson, CEO of Appello.

“A recent extensive customer survey showed that more than 50 percent of our customers would like to have turn-by-turn navigation on their mobile phones. We are very glad that we now can fulfil our customers number one request and through our cooperation with Appello we have been able to brand, localize and launch the solution in a very short time frame”, continuous Jesper Brøckner Director Telia Denmark.

"Telia not only capitalize on the fact that navigation is the number one requested add-on service by their customers in the Denmark, they are also the first Danish Telecom Operator to offer a complete navigation solution with everything from a start package to Pan-European navigation that includes advanced services such as European wide active safety camera warning - a very popular function in other countries - and convenient functions like finding your destination by searching in online yellow and white page directories.", comments Rasmus Ahlberg, Product Manager at Appello.
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