Mobile Operator 3 goes for navigation with Wayfinder
Just in time for the summer vacation 3 is launching navigation and mapping services from Wayfinder.
More and more mobiles are launched today with built-in GPS functionality. Just in time for the summer holidays 3 is introducing Wayfinder’s navigation and mapping services to its customers. These services are very useful both on the road and also in town and the countryside. Weather reports, currency converters and more extras are included that will suit the holidaymaker perfectly.

How do I get to the Midsummer party the easiest way? A survey by UnitedMinds commissioned by Wayfinder shows that 63% of people would like a service in their mobile that will help them find their way. Wayfinder’s services include other useful information; is there a place on the way there where I can buy flowers for the hostess? And what’s the weather going to be like for the herring lunch?

All 3’s customers can now have easy access to Wayfinder’s mapping and navigation services directly to their mobiles. Wayfinder Navigator and Wayfinder Earth Guide are services from Wayfinder that are available via 3’s mobile portal Planet3. The services are signed for on a rolling monthly subscription and all data within Sweden and Denmark is included in the price. Also included are all Wayfinder’s additional services; weather reports, currency converters
and more.

“This is a service that our customers are really looking forward to and we are extremely proud to offer it specifically from Wayfinder, which is, in every respect, the most superior navigation service on the market. The combination with our mobile broadband network, which is the best in Sweden, is unbeatable,” says Malin Forsgren, Nordic Product Manager at 3. Wayfinder’s services are also pre-installed on a number of telephones, which will be launched by 3 in the near future. In 3’s stores 3 will also offer Wayfinder’s Bluetooth GPS box for the customers who do not already have a mobile with built-in GPS.

“We are seeing how navigation and location-based services in the mobile are breaking through for real. That 3 is taking this trend seriously and are choosing to collaborate with Wayfinder is, of course, fantastic,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO at Wayfinder Systems. 3 Scandinavia has more than 700 000 customers and 14.7 million globally. Together with 3, Wayfinder will pursue marketing campaigns directed at 3’s existing and potential customers.

Wayfinder’s Services and Products at 3
• Wayfinder Navigator™, map coverage of Scandinavia, 69 SEK per month, VAT included.
• Wayfinder Navigator™, European map coverage, 99 SEK per month, VAT included.
• Wayfinder Earth Guide™, 9 SEK per month, VAT included.
For customers with mobile phones that do not have built-in GPS, Bluetooth GPS are offered in 3’s stores for 895 SEK, including VAT.
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