Wayfinder services is helping the ambulance and emergency services
Wayfinder Systems, together with Metria, has for a while been entrusted with the supply of Map and navigation services for the ambulance and emergency services.
Ambulance and emergency service personnel belong to a profession that places high demands on precision and safety when it comes to their equipment. When an accident happens it is vital for the emergency service personnel to be in place rapidly in order to save lives and minimise the damage. Wayfinder, together with Metria, have the assignment to supply the ambulance and emergency services with map and navigation solutions. Special adjustments have been made so that the crews have an interface, with the possibility to integrate with their own branch specific systems.

"We have, over a long period of time, had Wayfinder and Metria's services integrated in our digital information system. It is very important to us to find our way in the whole region of Skåne, sometimes even in the border area outside our region. The ambulances are directed without borders, at need, and it is therefore necessary to have constantly updated navigation solutions," says Roger Sandberg, administrative official in charge of the ambulance division, KAMBER-Skåne (Catastrophe Ambulance and Emergency Response, Skåne Region).

When a signal from an SOS Alarm has been received, the position of the car and the location of the emergency are relayed to Metria, who then directly make an enquiry to Wayfinder's server and request a route from A to B. Wayfinder's response is then processed and relayed on to the vehicle. The navigation service itself is built on Wayfinder's navigation solution and the driver is given voice and map guidance, as well as graphic instructions that show both the route and the next event, as well as the distance to the next event.

Wayfinder's solution is online-based, which means that the data which is used is collected from Wayfinder's server directly via the Internet, and therefore ensures that the information is continually updated. In emergency situations it is vital that the route is based on the latest information on the road network and constantly updated reports on traffic status.

Ordnance survey mapping material is used in as the background in the vehicle systems. Sometimes with the local council's own maps and/or high-resolution aerial photographs. This guarantees good map material even outside the road network. These maps are further complemented by the ordnance survey's address database, which contains co-ordinates on more or less every address in Sweden.

The map/route can be zoomed in, zoomed out, displayed as a panorama. The user can access into previous/following map images, fade into the map, go to the status panel, display the alarm, display a list of priorities, activate address search, turn on/off GPS, zoom in on the vehicle, zoom in on the location of the alarm, show both the vehicle and the alarm/destination. If the driver has needed to divert from the primary route in a hurry, a new route will immediately be calculated.
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