Tele Atlas Announces LBS Innovators Series Finalists
Tele Atlas is putting LBS application developers in the lime light.
Tele Atlas recently announced the finalists of the Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series event held in conjunction with the Wireless Innovations Conference produced by Dow Jones VentureWire. Based on the business potential of their LBS applications and attractiveness to venture capitalists, eight finalists were selected by Dow Jones to present their new location-based solutions to venture capitalists and industry experts at the 2007 conference, being held this week at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay in Redwood City, CA. This exclusive opportunity is a key component of the ongoing Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series, a program designed to help enable wireless application developers to expand their visibility, credibility and success with key participants in the industry, including investors, carriers and technology providers. The featured finalists are:

* 5o9, a client-server software provider that makes the Internet local, mobile and personal.

* Bones In Motion, a location-aware mobile active lifestyle service provider.

* Intercasting, a mobile social networking gateway provider.

* GPShopper, a mobile marketing technology company connecting consumers to offline, real-world purchase point locations.

* Locatrix, an Australian developer of mobile social networking and location-based content solutions.

* loopt, a social mapping service provider that provides users with automatic updates of friends’ locations via maps on mobile handsets and the web.

* Plazes, a Web service for geo-social navigation.

* Spark Parking, a provider of parking management services through wireless sensors and mobile payments.

“The Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series is designed to help foster ground-breaking application development and we are pleased to help shine a spotlight on the exciting and fast-growing LBS developer community,” said Darren Koenig, wireless market director, Tele Atlas. “By collaborating with Dow Jones to bring together pioneering LBS application companies with representatives from the industry community, we hope to further increase awareness for this burgeoning market, as we all work together to cultivate the next wave of applications.”
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