deCarta Launches Turn-key Application for PNDs
The new navigation application allows manufacturers of PNDs and smartphones to bring a custom-branded navigation application to market quickly and with minimal development time.

deCarta announced the launch of a turn-key navigation application for use in personal navigation devices (PNDs). As competition drives the need for product differentiation and fast time-to-market, deCarta’s navigation application offers manufacturers a fully-featured product that can be used as delivered, or customized to reflect a unique look that reinforces the manufacturer’s brand identity.

The deCarta navigation application has been designed to emphasize ease-of-use for drivers with intuitive menus that allow them to access commands in a convenient manner. deCarta’s navigation application can be used in a stand-alone mode or can be paired with the company’s industry-standard Drill Down Server (DDS) for use in connected navigation applications.

deCarta’s navigation application employs deCarta’s market-leading Rich Map Engine, the same software platform known for its speed and accuracy in powering leading Internet and wireless LBS applications at Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, TeliaSonera, Google, Yahoo! and The software is compatible with Windows Mobile and is specifically designed for porting for use on Windows CE-based PNDs, and supports a wide range of features demanded by drivers:

• Full-featured navigation functionality including 2-D and bird’s-eye view maps
• One-touch access to all key navigation features and controls
• Flexible routing files (i.e., Waypoints, Shortest, Fastest; including/excluding toll roads, freeway, ferry, tunnels, car / train)
• Easy method for selecting a destination or POI (i.e., Category, Nearby, Key-word search, ZIP/Postal code)
• Compressed map data for small storage footprint on Flash and HDD media
• Map-matching and support for both GPS and dead-reckoning sensors
• Writable indices allowing download of customized Point of Interest or traffic incident data
• Customizable voice prompts and guidance and advisory instructions

The turn-key navigation application is also designed to be used with the DDS in connected navigation applications that combine personal navigation with dynamic content for a more interesting driving experience. Routes calculated by the driver on the PND can be populated with relevant information useful to the driver such as restaurants, gas stations and gas prices, parking spaces or traffic incidents. deCarta’s DDS is a server-based location platform that powers many of the most successful location-based applications on the Internet and mobile applications, offering extremely fast performance and scalability to mass market application. As a benefit to the customer, this enables Internet-based location services to be quickly pushed to the client PND.

The deCarta navigation application complements the company’s Navigation SDK, introduced last year. The Navigation SDK is a software developer’s environment that enables easier, efficient development of a customized navigation system for PNDs. To help accelerate development, sample applications are available in source code to illustrate the use of all the navigation functionality supported. The navigation application builds on the core functionality of the SDK with a complete user interface.

“The release of our turn-key PND application completes an entire suite of comprehensive capabilities that PND and smartphone developers can leverage to capture this explosive market with maximum efficiency,” said J. Kim Fennell, president and CEO of deCarta. “Our turn-key PND application, navigation SDK and Drill Down Server platform provide a clear migration path for stand-alone to connected personal navigation devices.”

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