Spirent Communications Announces Combined GPS/Galileo Simulation System
Simulating the RF environment is a well established test methodology to characterise, optimise and validate GNSS receivers under accurate, controlled, repeatable conditions in the laboratory.
Spirent Communications has announced the GSS7900 GPS/Galileo Simulation System. The new GSS7900 GPS/Galileo simulator from Spirent supports the free-to-use signals from GPS and Galileo. “We pride ourselves on our signal fidelity and the comprehensive capabilities of our test systems,” said Peter Boulton, Technology Director at Spirent’s Wireless and Positioning division. “Spirent’s innovative approach to correctly modelling the wideband ionospheric dispersion across the Galileo E5 frequencies leads the industry. Our Galileo simulators are currently undergoing formal verification with our official Galileo programme customers.”

This new dual-constellation simulator is derived from Spirent’s “industry standard” GSS7700 GPS simulator and the GSS7800 Galileo simulator that Spirent developed in 2006 to support the test needs of the Galileo Ground Mission Segment and Test User Segment programmes. These test systems, including the new GSS7900, benefit from Spirent’s flexible and feature-rich SimGEN for Windows software suite. SimGEN enables advanced flexibility and control over simulated parameters and is designed to facilitate a wide variety of test configurations and results analysis.

“Spirent is responding to our customers’ desire to perform combined GPS/Galileo receiver development work,” commented John Pottle, Marketing Director at Spirent. “The release of the Open Service Galileo signal-in-space interface-control-document (SIS ICD) has stimulated interest in the additional capabilities that Galileo will enable. Currently, our Galileo system uses public domain information about Galileo only, as there are restrictions on the use of the Galileo ranging codes and navigation data. When these restrictions are lifted, Spirent will upgrade its GSS7900 customers to full ICD compliance via a simple field upgrade.”
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