SiRF And OpenWave Team to Bring Advanced Location Offering to Wireless Operators
Openwave Adds SiRFLoc Multimode Location Server to its Global Infrastructure Lineup.
SiRF Technology Holdings and Openwave Systems have announced an alliance to accelerate the adoption of Aided-GPS location technology by wireless service providers and boost the deployment of location-based services. The two companies have worked together to integrate Openwave’s Location Manager with SiRF’s SiRFLoc Multimode location server, which Openwave has licensed and will resell globally, providing communications service providers with a robust, scalable location platform they can build upon to launch a broad range of distinctive and popular location-aware applications.

The addition of the SiRFLoc Server to Openwave’s portfolio of Adaptive Context products and solutions aims to simplify the adoption of A-GPS location technology by offering wireless carriers a “one-stop shop” for everything they need to build a location-aware infrastructure. By making it easier for carriers to adopt A-GPS, the two companies can help carriers more quickly deploy innovative, differentiated location-based services to subscribers and increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) through compelling, contextually aware content and services.

The reseller agreement enables Openwave to offer its customers a more comprehensive product portfolio for delivering accurate A-GPS location data to handsets and location applications, and provides SiRF with the opportunity to distribute its location server products through a leader in its industry. In addition to the SiRFLoc Server, Openwave will also offer the SiRF GPS Data Center, a software component required for obtaining precise GPS reference data.

“With Openwave’s industry leadership, this alliance creates exciting opportunities for SiRF to expand its location server distribution through this new channel, and we look forward to working with Openwave to address the needs of carriers as the adoption of location technology in wireless networks becomes commonplace,” said Kanwar Chadha, founder and vice president of marketing for SiRF. “Openwave’s thorough understanding of the intricacies of deploying value added services in unique operator environments will enable faster deployment of location based services through their proven, reliable infrastructure.”

SiRFLoc Server can be deployed by wireless operators or wireless application service providers, and is designed to support Multimode A-GPS (MS Assisted and MS Based) both in the control plane and in the SUPL compliant user plane architecture, as well as other advanced hybrid positioning methods. Depending on network loading, QoS and application requirements, SiRFLoc Server can dynamically mix various positioning methods and location service protocols. Taking advantage of SiRFLoc Server’s best-in-class scalability and throughput performance, operators can efficiently expand their networks as user traffic increases.

“SiRF is recognized as a leading provider of GPS-enabled location technology, and addition of the SiRFLoc location server to our Location Manager will bring significant benefits to our customers,” said John Trobough, vice president, product management, Openwave. “A subscriber’s physical location is an important part of context and helps to define what is relevant to them. Context enables increased adoption of new services and allows the operator to explore and implement new business models such as contextual merchandising and targeted advertising and promotions.”

Openwave Adaptive Context solutions and products are designed to help operators bring relevant content to consumers and their community via new technologies that adapt and learn as consumers’ interests evolve. Openwave Location Manager provides the core gateway element within a service provider’s network that makes location-based services possible, obtaining a subscriber’s location and presence data from multiple sources, including A-GPS, and delivering it to location-based applications. Based on a subscriber’s profile and behavior, targeted advertising for local services as well as localized content and information can be instantly available on a user’s device. Today, Openwave software is used by more than 70 mobile operators and broadband providers around the world.
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