LoJack Recovers 100,000th Stolen Vehicle in USA
Radio Frequency Technology and Integration with Police Integral to Recovery.
LoJack Corporation announced it has recovered a milestone 100,000th stolen vehicle in the United States. The recovery, which took place in Philadelphia and leveraged LoJack's Police Tracking Computers that are installed in police aviation units and squad cars, is another proof point that LoJack's radio frequency technology and direct integration with police is the optimal solution for stolen vehicle recovery.

"We are proud to reach this milestone and, most importantly, we are proud of LoJack's continued ability over the past two decades to partner with police departments such as those in Philadelphia to help in the fight against vehicle theft," said Richard T. Riley, LoJack's Chairman and CEO. "The LoJack System's integration with more than 1,800 law enforcement agencies in the United States has proven time and time again to be a solution that works. It has enabled law enforcement utilizing our system to recover over 100,000 stolen LoJack-equipped vehicles, while also helping them put criminals, of these and other more serious crimes, behind bars."

The 100,000th U.S. Recovery: How Police Used LoJack's Covert System to Foil the Thieves

The recovery took place in Eastern Philadelphia on January 12, 2007, involving a stolen 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. The SUV was tracked and recovered by a joint effort between a Philadelphia Police Department Aviation Unit and a Philadelphia Police Major Crimes Auto Squad, both of which were equipped with the LoJack System. The Philadelphia helicopter tracked the signal of the stolen vehicle to its approximate location and officers from the Major Crimes Auto Squad then used the LoJack System to pinpoint the vehicle's precise location. In this recovery, the thief disabled the vehicle's GPS system, but could not disengage the LoJack System due to its covert nature.
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