Nuance and TeleCommunication Systems Launch Speech-Enabled Navigation Service for Mobile Phones
TCS Navigator enhanced by Nuance speech solutions.
Nuance Communications, Inc. and TeleCommunication Systems announced the development of a speech-enabled mobile navigation system for mobile phones. TCS selected Nuance speech solutions to simplify the destination entry process for its white label TCS Navigator product, resulting in the creation of the first navigation system for mobile phones to offer voice destination entry.

The Nuance Mobile Navigation Service Package enhances TCS Navigator with a robust, speaker-independent voice destination entry application. The industry's leading speech recognition technology leverages large street address grammars to eliminate the time-consuming task of keying in street or city names by allowing users to simply speak a destination. The Nuance Mobile Speech Platform even filters "um" and "ah" type utterances, for fast, highly accurate recognition and response. TCS Navigator with voice destination entry is expected to be available this spring.

"Our goal is to provide drivers with the most precise and user-friendly wireless information data tools available," said Drew Morin, senior vice president and chief technology officer, TCS. "TCS Navigator, with its integrated traffic and rich Point-of-Interest management, is an exemplary application for the speech interface enhancement. Voice destination entry provides a hands-free user experience, offering our subscribers an easier, faster and safer way to enter address information."

"Voice destination entry limits driver distraction by eliminating manual interaction, and is just as practical for pedestrians who are tired of tedious keypad entry," said Michael Thompson, vice president and general manager, telco, search and communications, Nuance. "TCS Navigator users will benefit from Nuance's unique technology that enables extremely large address grammars to be used with high accuracy rates. Speech-based navigation is just one of the many ways speech can be used to fundamentally change the way people use their mobile devices. The same technology can be used for other mobile tasks such as directory search, music search and message creation."
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