Wayfinder Access guides the visually impaired using Nuance TALKS
It introduces several new features and functions such as Where am I? and What is in my surroundings?
Wayfinder Access aims to help the visually impaired to become more mobile, with better access to their surroundings. The navigation software is combined with Nuance's well recognized screen reader application TALKS to convert the displayed directions on the mobile device into highly intelligible speech. Nuance will leverage its extensive network of accessibility dealers to distribute Wayfinder Access across Europe. The fact that both Nuance and Wayfinder can lay claim to an impressive record of successful collaborations with operators will facilitate a joint approach towards operators chosen by both.

Wayfinder Access is a brand new product developed to facilitate the everyday life of the visually impaired. With the new 'Vicinity View', an application that is both visible and audible, users can decide the radius of the area that they want presented with audible references, simply zooming in and out of the displayed area to enlarge or contract the scope of this area. This means that Points of Interest (POI), crossings or favourites on offer can be limited and prioritised, listed according to their distance from the user's location.

In addition to the 'vicinity view' application, Wayfinder has also taken the input of a reference group from the visually impaired community, to optimise the usefulness of our award winning and cutting edge Wayfinder Navigator. Wayfinder has reworked this entire application from scratch, so as to ensure that it will function as a fully integrated service with text-to-speech applications.

Wayfinder Access also introduces a 'Where am I?' function. This means that the application is not only an indispensable support in guiding users to chosen destinations, but also enables them to establish their precise location at any given moment.

"We have developed and optimised this navigation technology with the help of a reference group of the visually impaired, in the hope that we can pinpoint and understand the precise needs of this particular market. This collaboration with Nuance is a further step in our ambition to make our ground-breaking technology available to anyone who needs it." Says Magnus Nilsson, CEO Wayfinder Systems AB.

"As the leading supplier of core imaging and speech software to the assistive technology industry, Nuance is extremely proud of its role in making computers and other mobile devices accessible to all users. Companies such as Wayfinder integrate our technology into their hardware and software solutions to read text aloud or to control an application or device by voice," Says Philippe Jeanrenaud, Marketing Director of Embedded Speech Solutions at Nuance "Together we can provide an enormous benefit to a market that is too often ignored."
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