PTV and Jentro Launch Navigation Application with Motorola
PTV and Jentro have thus now expanded their technology partnership into the North American market.
PTV and Jentro today announced that Motorola has chosen the two companies as suppliers for a Motorola navigation system. Working with PTV and Jentro, the U.S. cell phone manufacturer will launch new navigation products and location-based services in North America and Europe in the second quarter of 2007.

With its new products and mobile devices Motorola will bring mobile navigation and location-based services (LBS) to the mass markets in North America and Europe. Motorola will collaborate with PTV and Jentro to develop an online navigation system. The PTV and Jentro solution, sold as activepilot and other brand names, is already the number one navigation system for cell phones in Europe.

Customers in North America and Europe will benefit from a complete navigation solution for their mobile devices. Location-based services, such as local searches, allow consumers to find specific points of interest (e.g. hotels).

Further value-added services, such as social networking or emergency tracking, can easily be linked to the system.

For years, PTV has been collaborating with Jentro to develop world-class online navigation solutions. Together, they developed and launched the first navigation system for mass market mobile phones.

PTV provides server-based route computing and map display for Motorola's phone-based navigation. These features and other location-based services are integrated into Jentro's Location Based Experience Platform. PTV edits and processes NAVTEQ-supplied map and POI data for both Europe and North America. PTV also provides up-to-date traffic reports from different traffic information providers covering the U.S. and many European countries. This comprehensive and dynamic route calculation helps motorists to avoid traffic jams.

The collaboration with Motorola allows PTV and Jentro to drive mobile navigation expansion into the North American market and to strengthen their market position in Europe. "About half a million consumers in Europe use our solutions to calculate their routes. We are confident that together with Motorola we will be very successful in the North American market, in addition to increasing the number of navigation consumers in Europe," says Dr.-Ing. Hans Hubschneider, spokesman of the PTV AG board.
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