Appello and Aldinet S.p.A. are introducing Macrom Cruiser with guides from Veronelli
The Swedish navigation system provider Appello and the Italian telecom distributor Aldinet S.p.A. are launching Macrom Cruiser, a state-of-the-art mobile GPS navigation solution with unlimited access to the 2007 premium guides from Veronelli.
Macrom Cruiser is a fully Macrom-branded GPS navigation solution that provides an all-inclusive navigation experience on a wide range of handsets from leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry and HTC. Customers can take advantage of navigation with voice instructions and 3D maps, integrated Italian real-time traffic information, safety camera alerts and the full 2007 selection of restaurants, hotels and wines from Veronelli.

"We are excited about the possibility of offering mobile navigation from Appello as part of our product range. We now have access to an innovative and high-quality navigation service. Appello’s software platform, Wisepilot, met our requirements for quality and flexibility, and we expect the offer including the strong Veronelli content to be favourably received by our customers," says Andrea Pizzorno, Macrom Brand Director at Aldinet.

The launch of Macrom Cruiser marks the start of a new era within mobile navigation. From today, mobile navigation is so much more than just navigation. In the all-inclusive Macrom Cruiser package, customers will have unlimited access to Italy’s most recognized guide, Veronelli, offering premium restaurant, hotels and wine guides for 2007. On top of this, customers will also benefit from highly appreciated functions, such as dynamic real-time traffic information and active speed camera alerts. “Appello and Aldinet S.p.A. are proud of the value we offer consumers in Italy,” says Leif Sundström, CEO of Appello.

Macrom Cruiser also includes a personal web portal, where every customer can access their personal navigation information, pre-plan their trips, add new favourites, view real-time traffic and find information using a standard web browser. Macrom Cruiser gives customers access to quarterly updated European map information from leading map data provider Navteq.

“Aldinet S.p.A. is the perfect partner for Appello, a distributor with a strong brand and a well-prepared plan for new navigation services. We are extremely pleased to announce yet another partnership around our navigation services, this time with one of Italy’s most prominent distributors. ”Through Aldinet’s network we believe we will reach a premier position in the Italian market", continues Leif Sundström, CEO of Appello.
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