Wayfinder and 3 cooperate in Sweden
The objective is to expand 3's service portfolio with state-of-the-art navigation and mapping services that will enable 3 customers to get location based information while on the move.
Wayfinder and 3 Scandinavia announced that 3 Scandinavia has chosen Wayfinder as their partner of choice for mapping and navigation solutions.

From the beginning of 2007 all new Wayfinder supported phones marketed by 3 will be pre-loaded with Wayfinder Navigator and Wayfinder Earth Guide. This will give all 3 customers easy access to Wayfinder services, directly through their mobile phones. All 3 customers in Sweden and Denmark will also be able to access Wayfinder Navigator and Wayfinder Earth Guide through the mobile portal, Planet3. The services will also be marketed at all 3 Media Centers.

"It's great to have 3 offering our user friendly navigation and mapping applications in our home market here in Scandinavia" says Magnus Nilsson, CEO Wayfinder Systems AB, "2006 has been a year full of new initiatives at Wayfinder and it feels promising to start the new year with this partnership agreement with 3 in our own back yard. 3 has been very successful in launching new services to their customers, MSN Messenger being a recent one, and we are confident that this cooperation will add to the value of being a 3 customer"

3 Scandinavia has more than 700 000 subscribers and over 13 million subscribers worldwide. The mobile portal, Planet3, is well known and used among 3's customers. 3 Scandinavia and Wayfinder will conduct joint marketing campaigns to promote these new services.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer Wayfinder's state-of-the-art navigation and mapping applications to our customers in Sweden and Denmark. After the great success with MSN, e-mail and music in the mobile Wayfinder's navigation services are yet another important step for 3's customers towards a true mobile life." says Johan Othelius, Marketing Director at 3 Scandinavia.
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