Rosum Debuts TV+GPS Hybrid Positioning Module
Global Locate's Hammerhead A-GPS chips is part of the solution.
Rosum Corporation together with Global Locate introduced the general availability of the Rosum TV+GPS Hybrid Positioning Module (HPM). The HPM combines the indoor and urban reliability of Rosum’s TV-positioning technology with the sensitivity and accuracy of Global Locate’s Hammerhead A-GPS chip to deliver highly reliable and accurate location in all environments: indoor, outdoor, dense urban, and rural.

“The Hybrid Positioning Module is the product of intense, dedicated work to develop and refine TV-positioning technology and then to tightly integrate it with a world-class Assisted GPS solution from Global Locate” commented Rosum CEO Skip Speaks. “We have heard the voice of public safety officials and are addressing their needs with Rosum’s HPM. Hybrid TV+GPS 3D positioning is a vital platform technology for homeland security and public safety markets, such as first response, asset awareness for law enforcement, and offender monitoring.”

The HPM integrates TV and A-GPS ranging information so that any combination of three or more TV towers and GPS satellites can be used for positioning. Rosum’s hybrid TV+GPS solution also enhances the performance of the A-GPS engine itself by providing it with accurate time and frequency assist information which substantially improves GPS acquisition time and sensitivity. The result is unparalleled availability and accuracy for tracking and navigation applications. Further, the HPM provides altitude information to enable reliable indoor and outdoor 3D positioning.

“We are delighted that Rosum has selected Global Locate’s Hammerhead platform for the HPM. Our single-chip Hammerhead A-GPS solution with its long-term orbital (LTO) assistance data provides unparalleled sensitivity and reliability, and the combined performance of the hybrid TV+GPS solution is extraordinary.” Said Scott Pomerantz, President and CEO of Global Locate.
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