Cybit launches Fleetstar-Reporter entry-level telematics reporting system for SMEs
Fleetstar-Reporter matches the needs of new and expanding companies, with live vehicle visibility and regular email-based reporting to improve decision-making and control.
Cybit, a Telematics Service Provider (TSP) in the UK, has launched its new Fleetstar-Reporter solution, which is aimed at businesses that require core vehicle location information for their mobile resources. Fleetstar-Reporter is based on the core technology of Fleetstar-Online, and provides regular reports on fleet activity so that businesses can analyse key metrics and enhance the productivity and effectiveness of their fleets.

Cybit recently acquired Bluefinger, the company behind, a simple to use, reports-based tracking solution. Cybit has used this acquired expertise to launch Fleetstar-Reporter, which is a packaged entry-level telematics solution, sold through the expanding Cybit reseller network. It is highly scaleable as a result of Fleetstar's modular design, which allows organisations to 'start simple' and upgrade their functionality at a later date as their business requirements evolve. The new solution is the entry point of a tiered offering from Cybit, which includes Fleetstar-AVL, Fleetstar-Online and the recently launched Fleetstar-MRM solution, which facilitates the integration of workflow and dynamic scheduling applications.

"Fleetstar-Reporter brings proven telematics functionality to new or expanding businesses that don't want to commit to a complex solution," commented the company's Chief Executive Officer, Richard Horsman. "We acquired BlueFinger earlier in the year, which has a wealth of experience dealing with entry-level telematics, so that we can extend our 'best-of-breed' campaign. We have now been able to add the new Reporter solution to our Fleetstar portfolio, which further shows Cybit's dedication to offering businesses precisely the telematics functionality that they need. This is important because we're finding a growing number of SME organisations that want their business to benefit from the advantages of telematics, but aren't always able to find the budget for a major technology project. As an out-of-the-box offering, Fleetstar-Reporter gives these companies the ideal solution."
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