Maptuit and GeoLogic Solutions Announce Partnership to Support Hybrid and Multi-Mode In-Cab Truck Navigation
The partnership results in the offering of Maptuit NaviGo over GeoLogic’s new CDU (Color Display Unit), a Windows-based touch screen display featuring a high resolution graphical interface.
Maptuit NaviGo provides truck drivers with a safer and better driving experience by taking Maptuit’s technology and its community of 80,000 drivers, who continually send updates to our road network, and combining it with GeoLogic’s state of the art technology. Maptuit Navigo utilizes internal electronic maps to gauge the vehicle's location and plot a course to a selected destination to provide drivers with audible truck specific, real-time, turn-by-turn directions.

“Over the past seven years,” continued Papows, “Maptuit has been providing trucking companies with the most dynamic, real-time, truck specific routing available in the market, and now we will be offering our brand new Maptuit NaviGo solution through GeoLogic’s multi-mode solution. Working together to bring these combined solutions to market provides fleets, and more importantly, the drivers, with a fully integrated in-cab navigational solution and a completely new driving experience that until now only existed in luxury automobiles. We are very excited about our new partnership with GeoLogic and even more excited in bringing change to an industry that has, for years, been waiting far too long. The technology is here and it’s time it’s put to use for customers’ benefits, and not held captive to previous economic models.”

“When we were designing our new CDU we knew it had to be an open system so that we could easily integrate the latest and greatest applications, like Maptuit’s new NaviGo,” stated John Lewis, president and CEO for GeoLogic Solutions. “We spent a great deal of time evaluating all of the major mapping providers to determine which solution was best for us and Maptuit was the obvious leader in onboard navigation targeted specifically for the trucking industry. We look forward to delivering this new mapping solution to our customers.”
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