Telecom (New Zealand) and Navman use Wavecom Technology for new Monitored-Vehicle Security Solution
Telecom New Zealand, Navman and Wavecom SA have announced the selection of Wavecom wireless technology for an innovative monitored-vehicle security solution that is soon to be released into the New Zealand market.
Silent-i, an innovative initiative between Telecom (New Zealand), Navman and ADT, is a monitored-vehicle security product and service. The full offer combines a five-star car alarm, GPS geo-locator, CDMA wireless connectivity and 24/7 security backup.

Subscribers to this service are alerted in the event the vehicle is being broken into or stolen. In this event, the vehicle can be located, tracked, and an alert can be sent to a pre-selected handset and if the customer chooses, the alert will also be sent to the ADT security center directly.

Using either a web interface or a CDMA handset, the customer has full control over the system and can remotely change the vehicle's alarm status, update its location and lock or unlock the doors. They can also name up to five different drivers who will have unique settings and alerts tailored specifically for them.

Silent-i uses Wavecom's Wireless CPU, Quik Q2438 for sending and receiving valuable real-time information regarding the location and condition of the vehicle. The product's major advance is the combination of GPS tracking and integrated text messaging capability that automatically alerts vehicle owners to a number of pre-determined and potentially criminal events, including a glass break, tilting and an unauthorized entry.

Commenting on this complete offer, Didier Dutronc, President, Wavecom Asia-Pacific said, "This is probably one of the best examples of the benefits that both consumers and companies can derive when the entire wireless eco-system works together. We are delighted to play a part in this breakthrough project that promises to lead the way for expansion into other geographic regions and markets."

Navman VP sales Asia pacific and Latin America, Ian Daniel added, "Combining geo-location and wireless connectivity with today's networking technology is on of the most powerful ways to truly stay connected to the people and things we value - this new service provides end customers with not only vehicle protection but also peace of mind."
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