Benefon and Geowell Announce Worldwide Partnership
Under the agreement, Benefon will have the sole and exclusive rights to design and manufacture integrated GPS/GSM Tracking Devices for Geowell.
In addition Benefon appoints Geowell as its global distributor for such special variants of its TWIG branded devices. The projected value of this 3 year contract is estimated to be 10-12 million EUR. Benefon's all-in-one "Geowell Hunter" solution, is designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, and uses GPS technology to allow real-time monitoring and tracking of either a hunting dog, or other outdoor colleagues. The "Geowell Hunter" technology makes hunting faster, easier and safer by allowing the outdoor user to locate their dog's precise position and navigate through their surroundings to this position.

In the event of an emergency as well, the user can use the same GPS tracking technology on the TWIG device to communicate their precise position to a rescue team. The new "Geowell Hunter" solution for TWIG devices uses maps of Europe, pre-installed on an SD card, to allow the outdoor user to easily track a tagged dog - even if it is hundreds of kilometres away, to a location accurate to within a few metres. In addition, transmitters mounted on the dog's special harness allow the user to hear for themselves noises of prey nearby or close to the dog.

Commenting on the news, Benefon CEO Jonathan Bate said, "We're delighted with our worldwide manufacturing partnership with Geowell. This agreement between the two companies demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing our partners and end-user customers alike with the best GPS technology, products and services on the market."

Mr. Mika Heiniö, Managing Director of Geowell, is very excited about the agreement. "We are very happy that we are able to continue our 5 year relationship with Benefon and the Benefon unique expertise in manufacturing GPS/GSM devices will enable Geowell now to expand the use of our "Geowell Hunter" application products even more globally."
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