Earthcomber Adds On-demand Maps and Data
Travelers can now wirelessly retrieve and download GPS-enabled maps and data to their mobile devices.

With the latest release from Earthcomber, travelers with smart phones and PDAs can wirelessly retrieve free maps and data over-the-air, giving mobile users a convenient way to explore their surroundings for places that would make their trips complete. From a latte to a museum, a movie to the best Chinese restaurant in town, Earthcomber users can always find their favorite places.

“Imagine you just stepped off an airplane in a city you’ve never been to before,” explained Dana Sohr, senior vice president of Earthcomber LLC. “Or maybe you’ve driven into an unfamiliar part of your own town. Using the latest release of Earthcomber, you can download the map and all the latest information for that area.”

Earthcomber is a free, location-based service. It employs patented search technology to match the user’s interests with nearby locations and alert the user when one of their needs or desires is nearby. Unlike web-style mobile searches, there’s no need to stop and enter search terms, one by one. Instead, Earthcomber scans the area for the user’s entire list of favourites, interests and needs.

Over 2.5 million locations around the USA are available on Earthcomber. Users can find nearby ATMs, WiFi hotspots, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, museums, historical sites, attractions, parks, lakes and trails, gas stations and more.

In addition, Earthcomber provides the latest movie listings for 5,400 theaters and 30,000 screens. Users can search in their proximity for a specific movie title, or simply look for the closest theatre and then display prices and show times.

Other enhancements in the latest release of Earthcomber allow users to pack even more maps and content onto their devices or removable storage cards. In addition, the application’s performance has been improved significantly. Earthcomber can now spot hundreds of nearby locations in just a few seconds. The over-the-air software is available now for Palm-powered and Windows Mobile smart phones and PDAs.

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