Ekahau and St. Croix Systems Team Up to Integrate RTLS and Asset Management
Collaborative Solution Helps Health Care Facilities Spend Less on Maintaining Equipment Assets.
Ekahau Inc. announced that it is collaborating with St. Croix Systems Corp. to deliver a combined asset management, maintenance and real-time location solution for the health care industry.

The Ekahau RTLS now integrates with St. Croix Systems’ Capital Asset Lifecycle Management software. The combined solution enables health care facilities to use their existing campus-wide wireless infrastructures to track historical and real-time locations of their assets and equipment. The addition of location tracking capabilities adds value to existing asset management solutions by providing documentation of maintenance status, condition, and availability for use, as well as exact life-to-date usage and costs patterns of critical assets.

“At St. Croix, we provide the foundation for comprehensive, enterprise-wide asset management. But our clients are seeking ways to incorporate their investments in wireless networking to make their asset management activities even more effective,” said Samuel Adams, president and CEO of St. Croix Systems. “Our partnership with Ekahau now brings a best-in-class location tracking solution to our clients, giving them a clearer understanding of their processes and how to best optimize the location and movement of assets across the health system.”

Effective asset management in a health care organization depends on the interplay of people and technology. The combined management and tracking solution will enhance coordination and communication between care givers and hospital support services leading to a safer more efficient environment of care.

“Wi-Fi-based real time location technology has been proven time and time again to be an economical way to save money on equipment purchases while improving patient care and safety at the same time,” said Antti Korhonen, Ekahau’s president and CEO. “By incorporating the Ekahau RTLS into St. Croix Systems’ asset management software, health care providers have a powerful tool to ensure that all equipment and other key assets are maintained properly and can be located quickly in times of need.”
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