NAVTEQ Releases Full Coverage Map of South Africa
Included in the data set is over 450,000 km of roads, enabling customers using the NAVTEQ digital map for South Africa to create navigation solutions for the entire country.
The full coverage product, which reaches approximately one hundred percent of South Africa’s population, includes over 25,000 points of interest including high value listings such as approximately 3,900 restaurants and 2,100 hotels. Customers integrating the map into consumer and business applications will have access to data representing over 4,955 named places in the country.

“Because of the strong growth in digital map based applications, NAVTEQ has already significantly enhanced its coverage of South Africa. Moving forward, we plan on continuing to expand our coverage in South Africa to meet the evolving needs of the growing user base of digital maps,” stated George Filley, Vice President of Product Management, for NAVTEQ. NAVTEQ has also made a commitment to provide expanded coverage to support navigation needs during FIFA World Cup to be held in South Africa in 2010, enabling navigation between venues and providing detailed destination information.

The NAVTEQ database now includes virtually all navigable and named roads in South Africa, with full verification of all functional class one through four roads. These functional classes range from high volume, controlled access roads connecting urban areas to roads connecting major business streets with residential roads. The NAVTEQ field office located in Johannesburg employs a team of geographic analysts, enabling NAVTEQ to continue to expand the population of the country covered at its highest and most complete database specification, Detailed Coverage, in the near future. Detailed Coverage represents collection of up to 160 attributes on all roads and currently exists in twenty-three cities in South Africa.
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