High Sensitivity at Low Cost: u-blox Releases the LEA-4S ROM-based Module with SuperSense
u-blox AG announced the release of its new LEA-4S GPS module, which combines high sensitivity, low power consumption and a USB port for flexible connectivity in a module measuring just 17 x 22 mm.
The award-winning SuperSense software runs from the Read-Only Memory (ROM) in the GPS baseband chip, replacing a more expensive Flash EPROM. The software extends positioning coverage to weak signal areas such as indoor car parks or dense urban canyons and also enables applications that use smaller or covert antennas. SuperSense offers -158 dBm tracking sensitivity without compromising on power consumption, which stays low even in the weakest signal environments.

Its pioneering software and innovative hardware architecture makes the LEA-4S ideal for mobile terminals and portable navigation devices that require high sensitivity and low power consumption at competitive prices. Indoor positioning means devices can be used inside buildings, train stations, vehicles as well as other difficult signal environments that standard GPS cannot tackle. Car navigation devices will benefit from uninterrupted navigation when operating in urban canyons, dense foliage areas and other difficult signal environments.

"The LEA-4S brings unrivaled sensitivity without the need for a costly external Flash EPROM, a dream combination for compact, battery-operated products," said Thomas Seiler, u-blox CEO. "ROM-based weak signal tracking marks a new era in GPS-enabled mass-market applications, enabling operation in any signal environment without having to compromise on space and cost," he added.

The ANTARIS 4 GPS engine inside provides outstanding navigation performance in the most challenging conditions, a 4 Hz position update rate, DGPS and full SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS) support, as well as supporting active and passive antennas and offering antenna supervision that detects short circuits. Its small form factor and SMT pads allow for fully automatic assembly processes with standard pick-and-place equipment and reflow soldering, enabling cost-efficient, high-volume production. Additionally, all ANTARIS 4 generation GPS receivers are AssistNow-ready, u-blox’ A-GPS end-to-end solution, which provides instant positioning upon request by reducing Time To First Fix to as low as four seconds, even in difficult signal conditions.
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