Mobile Local Search Index Shows Biggest Brands on the Mobile
m-spatial quarterly figures highlight revenue opportunities in mobile local search preferences of UK consumers.
The British love affair with fast food and shopping has made it onto the mobile, according to figures released today by m-spatial in its inaugural Mobile Local Search Index. Brands topping the ‘mobile local search’ chart between April and June 2006 include Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, with fast food giants Pizza Hut, beating MacDonald’s and Dominos Pizza in the battle of the mobile bulge. Italian restaurants have also knocked Indian off the top spot for UK searchers.

The Mobile Local Search Index is a new quarterly report from m-spatial that tracks consumer usage of mobile local search services in the UK, highlighting the diverse and often quirky demands of mobile users. The Index is based on detailed local information searches being conducted on everything from demolition services and local battlefields to flying schools and political parties.

Commenting on the Index, Andy Walker, CEO of m-spatial, said: “The Mobile Local Search Index is expressly designed to highlight the types of local businesses and amenities consumers are searching for and finding on the mobile Internet. It has been created to underline the increasing importance of mobile local search and the revenue opportunities available to operators, brands and content providers by developing a local presence on the mobile.”

The Mobile Local Search Index also uncovers data on the categories of business and services users are searching for while on the move, including fast food, cinema, cash machines and taxis. The category search data also highlights Italian restaurants as top of the ‘world food’ rankings, with the UK’s generally acknowledged favourite, Indian, being beaten into second place, ahead of British and Chinese respectively.

“The category figures will perhaps come as little surprise, with on-the-move mobile users searching primarily for fast food, pubs and taxis. However, the top ten local search brands results are more significant, highlighting the value that mobile local search can present to these high street giants, “ said Andy Walker. “By requesting information while in the vicinity of the store or restaurant, the consumer is much closer to a buying decision than if they were simply searching online. This knowledge is of incredible value to the brand, and offers merchants an ideal opportunity to target their consumers through contextual advertising – based on location and demands of the user, and even using factors such as time of day."

Mobile Local Search Index rankings are based on usage of local search services built on m-spatial’s Local Search & Discovery Engine (LSDE)™. This is a unique platform enables m-spatial’s partners to provide highly personalised, intuitive and detailed mobile local search services - connecting local merchants with consumers at the precise moment of need.

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