Telmap Navigator now available for new Nokia E series Devices in the UK
This launch is part of Telmap's support for Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices. The E series initiative includes a free trial offer for full-featured Europe-wide mobile navigation and mapping, including in-car and pedestrian navigation, mapping and POI.
The free trial is unique in the market in that it also includes real-time traffic updates. Initially, Telmap Navigator will come pre-installed on Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 smartphones sold in the UK. As part of the program, Telmap and Nokia have also launched an in-box co-marketing campaign that provides purchasers of the phones with information about the Telmap Navigator application and a special offer for either UK-only or Europe-wide service that can be activated after the trial period ends. In time with the introduction, Telmap has launched the first phase of a new online store that will enable mobile phones users to subscribe to the Telmap Navigator service. Nokia E series users in the UK will have a choice of service packages and options, enabling them to select the geographic coverage and service period that best suit their lifestyles. Nokia E series phones are targeted to the enterprise market, and Telmap Navigator is one of five pre-loaded applications selected by Nokia for their business user customers.

"We are very happy that Nokia selected Telmap Navigator as the pre-installed mobile navigation solution for its high-end phones," said Oren Nissim, CEO of Telmap. "We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration."

Telmap Navigator turns each phone into a handheld real-time mobile navigation and information guide, ideal for both in-car and pedestrian navigation. It guides subscribers along the best route to their desired destination using voice instructions and high-quality onscreen maps, with turn by turn instructions for both in-car and pedestrian navigation. It provides real-time content, such as traffic, as well as information and direct dialing to millions of points of interest (POIs) such as restaurants, hotel, gas stations, theaters and more. Telmap Navigator also enables users to share POI addresses and other information with friends and colleagues via SMS.

The Telmap Navigator solution is based on Telmap's new generation patented MOND (Mobile Optimized Navigation Data) technology, which optimizes the transfer of navigation and map data from a central server to users' wireless devices. MOND technology utilizes advanced compression to deliver complete, useful, timely and reliable navigation data to mobile handsets.
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