Wayfinder Earth Beta loaded with new services
Just in time for summer and vacation, a set of new services is released containing information on public transportation, weather service, the Scandinavian yellow and white papers and currency conversion.

A couple of months ago Wayfinder launched the mobile freeware Wayfinder Earth Beta – an application making the maps of the world accessible by mobile phone. It is this service that now is extended with new services. A survey made by Wayfinder shows a high public interest in these kinds of information services.

Wayfinder Earth Beta’s Services will soon be featuring new useful information services. First out is information on public transportation, making it possible for the user to find the way around the metro systems of the world, Weather Report with the next day’s weather forecast and Currency, a currency converter with continuously updated exchange rates. Wayfinder Earth Beta will soon be compatible with a majority of modern mobile phones on the market. The freeware is currently launched for Symbian S60, Symbian UIQ and Microsoft. A version of Wayfinder Earth Beta will shortly be available for JAVA phones. "The new Wayfinder Earth Beta services will be an excellent compliment on the world map. Our vision is to become the obvious choice of mobile content services, whether it’s finding your way or getting tomorrow’s weather forecast", says Magnus Nilsson, CEO Wayfinder Systems.

When you fire up the Earth application, a globe representing the planet becomes visible on the mobile’s display. You’re able to spin the globe manually, selecting an area or city, and then zoom in for a closer look. In Europe and North America the maps from Tele Atlas are extra detailed and you can easily zoom to street level, making any tourist map obsolete. Furthermore, you can search for over two million Points of Interest which are specific destinations such as restaurants, train stations or hospitals marked up as icons on the maps of Europe and North America. This feature provides you with information on opening hours, summaries or phone numbers. You find Services in the main menu of Wayfinder Earth Beta, containing freeware services as well as premium services available for a small fee. The user is able to buy advanced navigation service, e.g. GPS-navigation in the Mobile shop window.

Wayfinder Earth Beta will soon be working on most of the modern phones on the market. Today Earth Beta works on S60 Symbian and UIQ Symbian versions, soon Microsoft, and preliminary in the middle of July it will be available on Java phones that include most of the regular phones on the market.

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