LOC-AID People Named Best LBS Application at BREW 2006 Conference
LOC-AID People from LOC-AID Technologies was named the Best LBS Application at the BREW 2006 Developer Awards ceremony held on June 1 during the BREW 2006 Conference in San Diego.
"This is powerful validation of our vision to bring location to peer-to-peer and community applications," said David Allen, VP of Marketing for LOC-AID Technologies. "We believe in differentiating ourselves through our approach to applications; multiple location functions are bound together into a flexible suite of tools that subscribers can tailor and incorporate into their daily routines."

LOC-AID People was developed for QUALCOMM's BREW solution and provides subscribers a suite of "solo" and interactive LBS functionality, including "find me" (with integrated points of interest), as well as friend-finder, "follow-me" location history, geo-fencing, alerting and messaging (geo-FAM). Formal and informal social groups such as friends, families and enterprises enjoy flexible access to these functions through Web, SMS or handset-based applications.

"Subscribers are becoming increasingly location-savvy through the use of personal navigation devices and phone-based navigation applications," Allen continues. "Now that people understand that mobile phones have the power to generate a position fix, it won't be long before they'll come to expect that same device to deliver services that help them stay connected with others. LOC-AID People addresses our basic human desire to know who - as well as what - is around us."

"We chose the BREW solution for a quick and complete implementation of feature-rich applications for the mobile community," Allen notes. "The tight integration of the BREW application environment with the chipset functionality delivered by gpsOne takes LBS application performance to the next level. The ease of deployment and monetization of BREW content across a global network of operators promises LOC-AID the opportunity of a high return on our development investment."

QUALCOMM congratulates LOC-AID Technologies on winning the Best LBS Application category in the BREW 2006 Developer Awards, said Mitch Oliver, vice president of solutions and marketing for QUALCOMM Internet Services. "We believe LBS has become an important feature for relevance and the personalization of mobile applications and content. LOC-AID Technologies has been one of the pioneers in the LBS space and their LOC-AID People application reflects the company's innovation and commercial experience."
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