Norway signs eCall MoU
Norway will join the European Union's eCall initiative after signing an MoU already endorsed by Finland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia and Cyprus.
On the signature of the MoU State Secretary Tungesvik stressed Norway's great interest in the eCall initiative as an important, new measure for improved road safety both on a national and European level. "We firmly believe that the system will save lives and social burden by improving the notification of road accidents and speeding up emergency service response. Norway supports the ambition of introducing the system by 2009, and will actively contribute to the development and agreement of implementation plans conforming to the principles of a Pan-European eCall service".

Commissioner Reding congratulated Norway for joining Finland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia and Cyprus in the signature of the MoU. "This is an important step towards the implementation of the Pan-European eCall service. As the European Parliament stressed in its recently approved report, it is important that all Member States sign the MoU as soon as possible, in order to demonstrate a clear commitment to the implementation of eCall to other stakeholders. I would like to encourage all the Member States to join Norway and the other European countries that already signed the eCall MoU. eCall is for the benefit of the European citizens."
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