Go2’s mGuide Now Features Sprint GPS Services
go2 Directory Systems, a leading provider of local search and directory information for mobile handsets, has announced the availability of an enhanced version of its downloadable Java application “go2 mGuide” for several GPS equipped Sprint and Nextel handsets.
The new enhanced “go2 mGuide” makes finding local information and destinations faster and easier by utilising GPS to automatically determine and search near the user’s current position. By automatically determining a user’s geographic location, Sprint GPS services allow “go2 mGuide” to speed up the search process, bypassing the need for users to manually input or select a starting point to find relevant nearby information and cutting straight to the desired results. The application also names and saves the location automatically for future use.

For a small monthly fee, the “go2 mGuide” downloadable local search and directory application has been available to consumers on Sprint’s Java-enabled handsets since June 2005. The new enhanced GPS services are available to “go2 mGuide” subscribers on several Sprint and Nextel GPS-enabled phones, including the Motorola i265, i605, i760 and i860 phones. The enhanced “go2 mGuide” retains all of the popular features of the original go2 mGuide application, including the user-friendly interface, and the automatic and user-controlled personalisation that stores favourite locations and searches for quick access. Other features include complete local search, directory and movie guide capabilities, yellow pages, movie listings, show times, reviews, cast and other movie information, turn-by-turn directions, extended weather forecasts for any location in the United States, and toll-free directory of airlines, hotels, car rentals and other services.

According to usage statistics published by go2 in February, visits to the company’s local search websites increased 51 percent in 2005 to more than 24.2 million unique user sessions and generated more than 210 million page views of local information increased 37 percent. The company has learned that two critical issues for compelling location-based services are ease and speed-of-use. According to go2 CEO Lee Hancock the company is “…delighted to incorporate Sprint’s GPS services into go2 mGuide to make it even faster and easier-to-use. “
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