TeleNav Selects Tele Atlas for delivery of North American and European Maps
Tele Atlas has announced an agreement with TeleNav, a leading North American location-based services (LBS) application provider, under which Tele Atlas will supply global digital maps for TeleNav’s products.
TeleNav’s LBS services include the turn-by-turn GPS navigation solution and business finder tool “TeleNav GPS Navigator”, which is primarily aimed at the consumer market, and the business –oriented “TeleNavTrack” Mobile Resource Management service. “TeleNavTrack” is a simple and low-cost way to keep track of mobile resources, such as people, vehicles and products. TeleNav’s services are available for standard mobile phones, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm Treo and Windows Mobile devices.

According to TeleNav President and CEO HP Jin, TeleNav chose Tele Atlas as digital map provider because of the company’s global coverage and focus on partner support. “TeleNav is committed to providing our customers with the best content and services in the market. We are pleased to expand our content portfolio to feature Tele Atlas maps and POI content for North America and Europe.”

Tele Atlas Americas COO Mike Gerling said the decision is a significant one for Tele Atlas given TeleNav’s position in the U.S. LBS market. “Accurate map data is the foundation for the most useful, and used, LBS applications. Our superior processes and technologies ensure our maps and points of interest are up-to-date, and are the driving forces behind our continued dominance in the wireless market. We look forward to working with TeleNav to bring the convenience and benefits of location services to the masses.” Tele Atlas’ geographic content already powers 150 LBS applications on wireless personal navigation devices, PDAs, and smartphones, including city guides, real-time traffic, weather and social networking applications.
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