Pitney Bowes Partners with INRIX to Help Drivers Save Time, Fuel and Money with Advanced Location Intelligence
Pitney Bowes and INRIX team to deliver real-time location insights to users through mobile and social channels.
Pitney Bowes is a provider of shipping and mailing solutions, data management and engagement software, and location intelligence offerings. The company recently entered into a multi-year partnership with INRIX to deliver advanced Location Intelligence solutions through INRIX’s traffic intelligence platform. By integrating location capabilities with traffic analysis, INRIX and Pitney Bowes will enhance the driving experience of today’s connected drivers. By delivering this information through INRIX’s mobile app, users are empowered to make better decisions in real-time. “Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence solutions can add compelling new capabilities to the existing products of mobile-oriented companies such as INRIX,” said James Buckley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Location Intelligence, Pitney Bowes.

INRIX has designed a traffic intelligence platform that uses smart data and advanced analytics to solve transportation issues worldwide. The company uses an approach called “smart crowd-sourcing” that analyzes real-time traffic speed and incident data from a wide variety of public and private traffic sources ranging from road sensors and traffic speeds and community reports crowd-sourced from millions of vehicles and mobile devices throughout the day. Whether through an in-car or smartphone navigation app, a local newscast or the company’s INRIX Traffic app, INRIX offers up-to-the-minute traffic information and other driver services to help more than 150 million drivers save time, fuel and money.

Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence solutions merge organizational data with location data to provide users with the capability to make more informed decisions. For INRIX, this technology compiles and correlates addresses with coordinates from a mobile device to establish real time location or a desired destination. Combining that with other data such as specific traffic flow, demographics and behavior patterns, users can uncover key points of interest by accessing Pitney Bowes advanced location search.
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