TomTom Telematics Surpasses 350,000 Vehicles Subscribed to its Fleet Management Service
TomTom Telematics grows considerably quarter-by-quarter.
TomTom Telematics, previously called TomTom Business Solutions, is the market leading fleet management provider in Europe. TomTom Telematics reached 28,000 customers and 350,000 vehicles subscribed to its Software as a Service (SaaS) Fleet Management Solution at the end of April 2014, representing 38 percent year-on-year growth. The WEBFLEET platform provides real time vehicle tracking, driving information and reports about operational performance to fleet managers. The data is available to business customers in clear dashboards, live vehicle information or via detailed reports in order to decrease fuel, maintenance and insurance costs of the fleet of vehicles.

TomTom also shared some usage statistics for its WEBFLEET platform. In a single day, the 350,000 managed vehicles make 1.75 million business and private trips and drive more than 60 million km, the equivalent of 1,500 times around the world. The data centres process over 425 million messages and GPS positions per day or 25 billion new data points every quarter.
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