RetailNext Acquires Wi-Fi Analytics Leader Nearbuy Systems
Advances power of applied Big Data for brick-and-mortar retail with innovative location-based analytics.
RetailNext has announced the acquisition of Nearbuy Systems, a provider of location-based Wi-Fi Analytics solutions for retailers. Based in San Mateo, California, Nearbuy is the largest provider of in-store opt-in analytics, enabling retailers to enhance one-to-one engagement and personalization strategies. Nearbuy’s mission has been to help retailers and malls build a competitive advantage in the new world of omnichannel shopping. By leveraging a retailer’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, Nearbuy provides a fast and powerful way to engage valuable omnichannel shoppers with opt-in guest Wi-Fi, create a single view of customer behavior channels, and influence purchases while they are in the store through personalized campaigns.

“We are thrilled to join the RetailNext team where we can contribute to building the most advanced in-store analytics platform for retailers around the world,” said Bryan Wargo, CEO of Nearbuy Systems. “We are confident that with the combination of top-tier talent and the common drive for innovation, we have the opportunity to continue developing cutting-edge technology that will enable retailers to gain unprecedented insights into their stores.”

According to Alexei Agratchev, CEO of RetailNext, “RetailNext has invested more than US$ 25 million in R&D to deliver ecommerce-style analytics to physical stores and shopping centers. We are growing over 100 percent year-over-year and have more than 100 large-scale, global retailers actively using the RetailNext platform. We offer the most comprehensive solution for Applied Big Data for physical retail ─ the most features, data types and data analytics.”

“By incorporating an industry leading opt-in guest Wi-Fi Analytics platform and the deep mobile expertise of the Nearbuy team, RetailNext can offer retailers a proven, measurable and best-practice way to collect and analyze every aspect of data needed to gain a complete view of what happens in their stores,” added Mr. Agratchev.

“Nearbuy offers the first Wi-Fi Analytics platform with a personalization API that integrates shopper data for more targeted and personalized marketing. We lead the Wi-Fi Analytics market with more than 1,000 stores installed in the last year and more than 100,000 new users opting in every day through our platform,” added Nearbuy Systems CEO Bryan Wargo.

“RetailNext is leading the way in modernizing and transforming the retail industry by enabling physical retailers to not only improve operations and increase profit per shopper, but also mirror many of the e-commerce marketing best practices that have increased sales and customer loyalty for decades online,” stated RetailNext CEO Alexei Agratchev.
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