MWC 2014: LBS Analytics Platform Wins Global Mobile Award
Reach-U wins Best Solution for Growing Smaller or Independent Networks category at the Global Mobile Awards 2014 held at the MWC in Barcelona.
The Estonian LBS developer Reach-U won a Global Mobile Award in the Best Solution for Growing Smaller or Independent Networks segment of the Best Mobile Technology category for its Demograft LBS analytics platform. More than 680 entries had been submitted to the 19th Global Mobile Awards that awards 33 prices across 6 categories of mobile products and services.

Reach-U is the brand for Regio’s LBS solutions division. Regio, which also provides mapping, geospatial data and GIS solutions, started as a spin-off from Tartu University in 1989. Reach-U’s products include LBS middleware, GIS software for maps and several LBS applications that have been deployed by about a dozen mobile operators worldwide serving over 300 million subscribers. Demograft is an analytics platform that enables subscriber profiling using anonymous, passive mobile location data as well as information about age, gender and other characteristics. The Demograft tool can be used by mobile operators to improve the performance of their internal campaigns, for instance to upsell mobile broadband services, as well as support external customers in the mobile advertising industry. Moreover, location analytics data is also being adopted for diverse purposes such as site selection in the retail industry, as well as for urban planning and traffic monitoring by public authorities and private companies.

In addition to Reach-U, there were several other companies among the more than 1,800 exhibitors at the Mobile World Congress that showed mobile location analytics products. Software platform developers including Intersec and Telenity offer LBS platforms that enable mobile operators to collect and visualise location data for a broad set of applications, including marketing and analytics in order to monetise network assets. Other companies, like Nokia HERE and INRIX showed analytics solutions that combine tools for visualisation of mobile network location data together with proprietary traffic data for instance derived from GPS devices in cars. Mobile analytics is still in a very early phase, but is a promising field for mobile operators and their partners that have thus far mainly relied on costly and time consuming interviews for gathering information about populations.

André Malm
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