TruePosition Acquires Skyhook Wireless
Another event that shows the consolidation trend in the LBS industry.
TruePosition has announced the acquisition of Skyhook Wireless, a provider of hybrid wireless positioning technology and contextual location intelligence. The acquisition bolsters the product portfolio of both companies by leveraging their complementary technologies.

Skyhook Wireless, based in Boston, MA is a global Wi-Fi, Cell and GPS location software provider handling billions of transactions per month. Skyhook “Precision Location” and “Context Accelerator” SDKs leverage the network to enable businesses to gain geospatial insight, optimize mobile and device experiences, provide the right content when it’s needed and certify that location is precise and reliable.
TruePosition creates custom geo-location solutions that leverage a variety of wide-area cellular location techniques including Uplink Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA), Enhanced Cell ID (E-CID), Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS), and TV Signal Positioning primarily for public safety and security purposes.

”TruePosition has long been recognized as the industry leader in safety and security related mobile phone geo-location due to its success in the E9-1-1 space,” commented Jeffrey Glass, Skyhook CEO. “We are joining forces with the global location leader and are excited to leverage our combined technologies and Liberty Media’s support to enhance our suite of products for our customers while taking Skyhook into new markets.”
Commenting on the acquisition, Steve Stuut, TruePosition’s CEO said, “Skyhook’s technology provides TruePosition with another important tool in our technology and patent portfolio that perfectly complements our existing offerings. Skyhook’s commercial focus balances TruePosition’s safety and security strengths, and their location technology further strengthens TruePosition’s ability to accurately locate mobile phones indoors. We anticipate that both companies will continue to operate in their respective markets while leveraging any available operational or technological synergies.”
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