PlaceIQ Introduces PreVisit and PIQ Analytics
PlaceIQ announces new PreVisit and PIQ Analytics behavioral and demographic analytics capabilities.
PlaceIQ, the company building more accurate audiences with location, time and real-world behavior, has announced two powerful new analytics capabilities — PreVisit and PIQ Analytics. Part of PlaceIQ’s newly patented location technology platform, both offerings provide marketers with an unprecedented understanding of their consumer audiences by deriving behavioral and demographic signals from the location histories of millions of unique devices. Since 2010, PlaceIQ has focused on building a unique and detailed platform that enables powerful location intelligence for brands and agencies alike. The company was awarded a patent this past summer for its unique methodology that is key to understanding audiences from location. PlaceIQ continues to add to its robust product platform focused on targeting and analytics.

As additions to PlaceIQ’s suite of advanced reporting solutions, PreVisit and PIQ Analytics go beyond ad delivery and top-level campaign reviews. PIQ Analytics metrics provide a multidimensional, deep understanding of mobile audiences’ behaviors across location and time by analyzing their movements in the real world. As an example, PIQ Analytics can identify which competitors a brand’s audience is most likely to visit, the restaurants where they typically dine, the type of device they use, and the stores that they frequent. These insights go far beyond singular place and time measurements and provide a window into the consumer journey.

PreVisit determines where consumers were before arriving at a brand’s physical location. Providing this visibility and context into location histories adds a truly differentiated and realistic depiction of audience behavior that is indispensible to brands. For example, marketers can utilize PreVisit to target ads to the places their visitors travel from most often. Therefore, brands can encourage more frequent visits from existing consumers, as well as visits from new customers.
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