Locaid Launches Compliance API
The new service can be used to meet Internet and mobile gaming regulatory requirements.
Locaid announced at the Morgan Stanley iGaming Investor Conference that the Locaid Compliance API is commercially available. The Locaid Compliance API is already in use by several major Internet gaming companies. The new Locaid API is required where a casino, gaming operator or state lottery is obtaining regulatory approval for Internet or mobile gaming. The Locaid Compliance API allows for a user’s physical location to be verified within a specific state or territory. The new API works with any Locaid location source, including Locaid's cross-carrier, non-spoofable location services, to deliver additional location intelligence around a specific geographical boundary, of any shape or size, where certain actions such as placing a bet are permitted.

"Casinos, gaming platforms, lottery operators and state regulators all have extremely precise needs to ascertain and validate the location of an online or mobile wager activity. That's why location matters in the gaming market," said Rip Gerber, President and CEO, Locaid. "Locaid is the only location service provider to be adopted by the major companies revolutionizing the gaming industry, including CAMS, Ultimate Poker, GTECH, Stations Casino, Cantor and William Hill. Internet and mobile gambling represents the next step in the evolution in gaming. In the next five years, cloud computing and mobile devices will create a US$ 100 billion opportunity for innovative companies that incorporate location compliance technologies."

"For the first time mobile gaming companies can get a consistent method for determining how a given location relates to a pre-defined Zone across all their applications with no case-by-case costs," continues Naomi Morita, Locaid's Chief Technology Officer. "Add in the fact that with Locaid’s unrivalled location data reach and accuracy and this new API is set to be a game changer for a rapidly growing industry."
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