Speed Camera Detector App Launched on Windows Mobile
RoadPilot Mobile is compatible with more than 35 popular handsets using the Windows 7 system at launch.
RoadPilot Mobile is now available on Windows 7 Mobile operating system. The addition of RoadPilot Mobile to the Windows operating system means the application is now available on most popular smartphone platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry OS.

Early adopters of the latest smartphone operating system, Windows 7, can keep their driving licence clean thanks to RoadPilot Mobile. A lifetime subscription is priced € 4.99. RoadPilot Mobile provides audio and visual alerts to more than 38,000 fixed and mobile speed camera sites across the globe, as well as reminding motorists of the local speed limit.

It also features an innovative real-time alert facility, which enables the user to notify other members of the RoadPilot Mobile community if a mobile speed camera site is ‘live’ (i.e. if there is a police speed-checking vehicle present).

Stretching from Canberra to Copenhagen, and from London to Los Angeles, RoadPilot’s database is the largest and most frequently updated in the world. Each fixed camera site in the database is physically checked by the global RoadPilot survey team, providing unrivalled accuracy and quality of data.

James Flynn OBE, CEO of RoadPilot, comments: “The recession has forced people to rethink how they spend their money, so can not afford to have a speeding endorsement on their licence."

RoadPilot Mobile is compatible with more than 35 popular handsets using the Windows 7 system at launch, and can be easily configured by the user to operate in six languages.
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