TruePosition Announces Release 5.0 of the TruePosition Location Intelligence Management System
The new release is a solution to meet location-based national security needs.
TruePosition has announced Release 5.0 of the TruePosition Location Intelligence Management System (LIMS) The major new feature of Release 5.0 is that it now supports the third generation mobile cellular technology, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

Mobile phones are at the core of almost every crime or act of terrorism. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for government agencies, consistent with local laws, to leverage mobile phone intelligence in order to fight crime, counter terror, secure borders, protect critical infrastructure, and keep citizens safe.

TruePosition LIMS is a system that captures and stores all mobile phone network events in a particular geographic area - including the time and the location of events.

TruePosition LIMS is the intelligence component of TruePosition LOCINT. When TruePosition LIMS is combined with the TruePosition Location Platform (TPLP) to create TruePosition LOCINT, a powerful new tool is created to gather intelligence about criminal networks and terrorist cells. At the core of the TPLP is a location technology called TruePosition Uplink Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA). TruePosition U-TDOA is uniquely suited for mission critical location-based security applications, since it can locate any phone in any environment, including indoors where other location techniques such as A-GPS may not work, with high accuracy and reliability.

"As with all TruePosition solutions, we are looking ahead to ensure that our solutions can evolve as mobile telephony does," stated Rob Anderson, Executive Vice President of Technology and Engineering and Chief Technology Officer at TruePosition. "This is no different with TruePosition LIMS. Together with the TruePosition Location Platform, TruePosition LIMS delivers powerful tools to government agencies, and enables them to identify and locate criminal and terrorist activity like never before."
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