Safely Division of Location Labs Launches Android Phone Controls for Families
3.5 million alerts sent to parents over three-month soft launch.
Safely, a division of Location Labs, has recently announced the launch of Safely Phone Controls on Android, the newest product in its suite of mobile family security software. The digital parenting service is first being distributed in partnership with Sprint and is now available on Google Play under the name "Sprint Mobile Controls."

According to Safely user data, 63 percent of teens text in class and 65 percent send texts late at night. Safely Phone Controls gives parents unprecedented, personalized awareness of how kids use their mobile devices and the ability to regulate that use. For instance, parents can block texting or games during school or after bedtime, or receive alerts when an unknown person contacts their child. To date, more than 80 percent of subscribers have set up recurring alerts or blocks, and Safely Phone Controls has sent parents over 3.5 million notifications.

"Three out of four teenagers have a cell phone, and with over 20 free smartphones now offered by US carriers, more teens are using these powerful devices," said Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of Location Labs. "Parents give kids phones to keep them safe and connected, but worry that constant access will interfere with school or sleep. Safely Phone Controls gives parents an easy way to manage these concerns."

Safely Phone Controls allows parents to:
* Regulate use by automatically disabling certain features during pre-set times, like school hours or late at night.
* Stay informed by getting alerts when kids are contacted by a stranger or add a contact, and getting regular summaries of how, when and with whom kids are using their phones.
* Enhance family time by instantly locking phones from the Android app or computer.

Safely Phone Controls on Sprint is built on Location Labs' mobile platform, which uses patent-pending technology pre-installed on millions of Sprint phones. This makes sign-up and usage seamless for parents, as there is no software to download to a kid's phone and no way for kids to disable the service. Sprint Mobile Controls represents the first partner launch of Safely Phone Controls and is now available for US$ 4.99 per month, per phone.
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