Safely Division of Location Labs Acquires Seeker Wireless
Completing its third acquisition in 2011, Safely now holds 73 granted and pending patents.
Safely, a division of Location Labs, announced in December 2011 the acquisition of the patents, technology and products of Seeker Wireless. Safely will use the Seeker technology to strengthen its suite of mobile and location-based security services. Prior to the acquisition, Seeker Wireless had raised US$ 27 million in venture capital.

"The PhD researchers at Seeker Wireless spent nearly a decade creating patented mobile location-based technologies," said Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of Safely and Location Labs. "The combination of this technology with Safely services is ripe for market adoption."
The Seeker Wireless IP enhances Safely's already rich patent portfolio which includes the definitive geofencing patent filed in 2002. Seeker's patents include clever derivations of geofencing and lower level mobile location determination.

Seeker Wireless technologies include the unique ability to get location and run geofences on the SIM card of a mobile phone. It is the only technology that allows precision location using a background process for over four billion devices across the globe.
"There are billions of mobile subscribers in places like India, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America that can now participate in location-based services on mobile phones," added Roumeliotis.

Earlier this year, Safely announced the acquisitions of Wirkle, a mobile product development leader, and Volly, a mobile group messaging company.
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