CommScope Boosts the Capabilities of GeoLENs Mobile Location Center
The communication networks infrastructure vendor CommScope has upgraded its GeoLENs Mobile Location Center (MLC) with new capabilities.
The GeoLENs MLC is a mobile location platform, supporting both gateway and serving functions for security, emergency, and commercial applications with handset-based, network-based, and hybrid locating technologies. The upgraded GeoLENs MLC 10.2 offers wireless operators benefits such as higher yield and accuracy with dual plane capability. GeoLENs MLC 10.2 can dynamically switch between control plane and secure user plane locating solutions to provide better accuracy and yield. The new platform is also capable of handling nearly twice as many transactions per second and fewer location system elements thus need to be deployed to handle the growing amount of location requests.

A typical scenario demonstrating the benefit of combined dual plane functionality would be when a secure user plane enabled mobile device is attempting to determine the user’s location. If GPS signals cannot penetrate the building, then the typical secure user plane location solution, assisted-GPS, will not be able to find the user accurately. With GeoLENs MLC 10.2, the network can automatically start looking for the user with a control plane locating technology. When an indoor location system such as GeoLENs Indoor or a high accuracy GeoLENs location measurement unit (LMU) network is integrated with the GeoLENs MLC 10.2, the caller’s location can be determined with higher accuracy.
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