CellGuide and Rx Networks in Partnership
The companies will collaborate on Delivering Multi Beacon, Hybrid & Assisted-GPS Technologies.
CellGuide and Rx Networks have announced that they are collaborating in bringing to market a solution comprising of CellGuide’s GPSense Multi Beacon Engine and Rx Networks’ suite of location assistance products. The Rx Networks GPStream and XYBRID solutions are integrated with CellGuide’s GPSense location engine, which supports CellGuide’s ACLYS GPS chip or CGsnap GPS IP baseband. Within the integrated solution, the Rx Networks suite provides both assisted services for the GPS technology and complementary hybrid location technology for WiFi and Cellular-based devices. In combination, the technologies provide a comprehensive, end-to-end location solution for a broad range of platforms and operating systems, including Android, Linux, WinCE and Windows Mobile.

CellGuide’s GPSense engine supports the following Rx Networks technologies:
* SUPL 1.0 client: Mobile network standards-compliant client.
* GPStream PGPS: a multi-day extended ephemeris solution that provides improved GPS sensitivity and faster times to first fix, enhancing the user experience.
* GPStream SAGPS: an extended ephemeris solution that does not require network connectivity to operate.
* XYBRID RT: a real-time hybrid positioning service for devices equipped with WiFi, Cellular or GPS.
* XYBRID SUPL LE: A SUPL 1.0 service hosted by Rx Networks over its carrier-grade, 99.999 percent service infrastructure.

"Rx Networks’ products effectively augment our GPSense location engine," said Boaz Efroni Rotman, VP of Sales and Marketing at CellGuide. "The combined solution provides our customer with an advanced hybrid positioning platform that can be used seamlessly both indoors and outdoors, for various solutions including mobile handsets, tablets, and car infotainment systems.”

"CellGuide is a valuable partner with their full utilization of our location solutions., said Adrian Stimpson, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at Rx Networks. “Their GPSense and our products will jointly enable the market to develop and implement the next stage in location-based applications for use anywhere.”

An evaluation and demo platform based on CellGuide’s GPSense engine and Rx Networks’ products is available for developers and ODMs using application processors from a range of providers, including Samsung, Marvell, Freescale, and Telechips.
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