LBS Agreement Reached Between Huawei and TCS
TCS has delivered LBS solutions to more than 60 wireless carriers in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
Next-generation telecommunications network solution provider Huawei and secure mobile communication technology provider TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) have jointly entered into a Master Purchase Agreement. The outcome of the collaboration will be for Huawei to employ TCS’s LBS technology to enhance the LBS solutions it provides to its customers.

TCS will supply Huawei with its end-to-end Xypoint solution suite as well as dedicated marketing and technical resources to meet Huawei’s growing operator demand for emerging LBS managed services.

TCS Xypoint platform products to be delivered to Huawei per the Master Services Agreement include:

* Gateway Mobile Location Center – to coordinate activities to ensure that a location is obtained and returned to the requesting application.
* Serving Mobile Location Server – to determine the coordinates of a handset based on network measurments.
* Secure User Plane Location – support assisted GPS precise location determination.
* Location Service Gateway – to serve as the interface between the LBS platform components and LBS applications using standard communication protocols, and provide authentication, authorization, privacy and revenue assurance related to location applications and transactions.
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