Eniro to Continue its Partnership with Telenor Sweden
Eniro is the preferred supplier of search engine and directory inquiry services to Telenor Sweden.
Eniro, a dominant force among search companies in the Nordic Region, has been selected to supply turnkey search engine and directory inquiry services via telephone call and SMS to Telenor Sweden. The agreement comes in the form of a two-year extension to the current service delivery arrangement between Eniro and Telenor Sweden. New to the agreement will be an expansion of services providing consumers with access to foreign information in addition to a SMS question and answer option.

Telenor and Eniro will also jointly develop the engine’s ability to provide mobile customers with advanced LBS searches to locate where to purchase products and services of interest. The agreed services will be based on Eniro’s database and technical platforms. On the topic, Johan Lindgren, CEO of Eniro expressed that “[Eniro is] delighted to have now increased and extended our business partnership with Telenor Sweden.”
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