Garmin’s New Website Endorses Emerging Adventure Sport
Garmin establishes its leading role in the Geocaching ecosystem.
The emerging adventure sport known as “Geocaching” has caught the attention of Garmin, one of the global market leaders in satellite navigation. So much so that Garmin recently announced the launch of, a free online community endorsing the outdoor activity, which involves high-tech treasure hunting. In short, the main objective of Geocaching is to locate hidden containers of various shapes and sizes, called Geocaches, which are filled with collectables, trinkets and a logbook, by downloading its coordinates into a handheld GPS device, and then sharing the experience of the journey online.

Garmin has decided to take on the role of technology innovator and leader among the many companies that make up the Geocaching ecosystem. Following the establishment of Geocaching, Garmin subsequently introduced open and closed treasure icons on its devices, a dedicated “Geocaching compass” application as well as a direct “Send to GPS” function. Garmin’s GPS devices also support paperless Geocaching so users can view detailed instructions right on the screens of their devices, which increases efficiency and eliminate waste.

Garmin’s most recent contribution to Geocaching,, provides an online environment for sharing helpful information, tips, ratings, descriptions and previous attempts for free. By providing a free detailed forum, Garmin anticipates that will introduce more people to the fun and rewarding GPS-dependant sport.
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